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Christine Brown Trust

Application form

Before you apply

Before applying, please confirm the following criteria apply to the applicant. If the following is not applicable, you will be ineligible to apply for funding.

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory, although the more information you can provide, the better it will help your application.

Part 1 - Details of Student

Please tell us why you are making a request for funding. You should include the following information:

1) Why you are in financial need
2) What are you requesting funding for? (e.g. tuition fees, a music course or similar)
3) How much do you need? (please let us know the full cost of what you need. If we cannot meet the full amount, we might make a contribution towards it.)

Part 2 - contact details

Part 3 - applicant background

Add more

Add more

Add more

Part 4 - applicant family

Part 5 - supporting information

Please provide any relevant details of your financial situation that might support your application.

Part 6 - confirmation

Please confirm that you are either the applicant or the parent/guardian of the applicant, and that you have the consent to submit this application.

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