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Christine Brown Trust

2020 update

1st December 2020

This year has been a time of considerable difficulty for many families due to the coronavirus pandemic, and so the trustees have been particularly pleased at their recent meetings to be able to help a good number of talented young musicians.

No summer courses sadly in 2020, but we have awarded grants as ever towards the cost of new instruments and ongoing tuition fees.

We hope that music will offer cheer and consolation to all, as it has done throughout history.

Online applications are here!

10th February 2014

Each half-year we receive an ever-increasing number of applications and this is causing us to spend valuable funding on administration costs.

In an exciting new development, it is now possible for our applicants to apply online. To access our online application form, view the funding for music section which includes instructions on how to apply and a link to the online application form.


It is now four years since the launch of our website and in that time the Trustees have been happy to help over thirty young musicians on their way. Since our last update, we have contributed towards the costs of several instruments - including a marimba and a euphonium – as well as helped to pay for music lessons and summer schools.

Limited funds available

Whilst we would love to be able to help everyone who applies, we do unfortunately have a limited budget and it simply is not possible to help everyone who meets the criteria of being “exceptionally talented, under 19 years of age and in financial hardship”. The Trustees do their very best to make fair decisions based on all the applications they have received in the particular half year period.

Successful Applicants

Many of the students we help go on to study at conservatoires and specialist music schools so are extremely grateful for the support we are able to offer. We always enjoy receiving letters and messages from the students we have helped with an update on their progress. Some quotes from letters:

"Last week I played Beethoven Romance in F major with Alderly Edge Orchestra. I really enjoyed it"

"My new flute has such an amazing sound, very different from other flutes I have played... I love my new instrument and take special care when cleaning it"

"Having my own euphonium means I will be able to continue playing at university next year and give me more chance to improve as a player"

"I hope that some day we will be able to help the Trust in some way as we will always remember the generosity and understanding that has been shown towards us"

"My beautiful violin is circa 1750 and has a gorgeous deep tone. I hope that I will play it for the rest of my life"

Trust update

18th June 2012

The Trust is now very much established and we are receiving a steady stream of applications.

Earlier this year we were delighted to amalgamate with the Trevor and Muriel Watson Fund.

Some of our funding has paid for summer courses, for example with the National Youth Orchestra, Chethams or MusicWorks. Some applicants have received funding towards their music lessons whilst others have benefitted from help towards the purchase of a new instrument, or a pledge to help with their fund raising efforts.

A selection of comments from some of our successful applicants:

"I would like to thank the Christine Brown Trust for the support of my music education... I am extremely for all the support I have had which has contributed to the next exciting stage in my music education" (student starting at the Royal Academy of Music)

"Thank you so much for the generous donation towards the purchase of my violin bow... I now have places/scholarship offers from several conservatoires and am very much looking forward to the challenges that a conservatoire will give me... Your generosity will very much help me on my way"

"Many thanks for your generous cheque to help towards our son's music lessons"

"I would like to thank you for granting my daughter an award towards the cost of a new violin... She has already performed in a concert with her classical guitarist duet partner and is looking forward eagerly to her many performances and auditions next year."

As the Trustees only meet twice per year to allocate funds, we would ask all potential applicants to observe the deadlines of 30th April and 31st October. Also a surprising number of applicants do not say what they will use the funding for or how much they are trying to raise. If you are thinking of applying, please make sure you supply us with this information.

Applications update

5th December 2010

Last weekend some of Christine Brown's ensemble music was played at a talk held by the North Yorkshire branch of the European Piano Teachers' Association (EPTA). Local EPTA member Elizabeth Harding gave the talk and some of her pupils as well as fellow teachers Margaret Smith and Hilary Garrett played works for two, three and four pianists.

Most generously, Elizabeth donated her fee for the talk to the Christine Brown Trust.

We have now received several applications to our Trust, so it's great news that our name is becoming known. All applications will be discussed at the next meeting of Trustees early in the New Year.

In other news, the buyer of Christine Brown's virginals has posted a performance on YouTube. You can watch it below, enjoy!

Instruments sold, sheet music now online, first awards handed out & new honorary president

22nd September 2010

The remaining instruments have now been sold and all have gone to good homes where they will be used and appreciated!

We are now in a position to put some of Christine's music into our store. Trustee Andy Heron has catalogued it all in what we hope is a user-friendly way so that you can see if there is anything there of interest to you. Much of the music contains Christine's priceless little notes and tips, as well as helpful fingering suggestions, so it's well worth having a look.

Two awards have been made in the last few weeks, both for talented string players who were up-grading their stringed instruments and looking for funding to help them to do so. New stringed instruments - and bows - do not come cheap, so the Trust was delighted to be able to support these motivated young students and help them on their way.

Meanwhile our first ever recipient has sent us a report of his progress, and he has had exceptional success, gaining a place at the Royal Academy of Music to continue his studies. Thanking the Christine Brown Trust for their support last year, he writes "I am extremely grateful for all the support I have had which has contributed to the next exciting stage in my music education"

We are delighted that Gordon Fergus-Thompson has agreed to become Honorary President of the Trust. His association will be invaluable to the Trust and we are very much looking forward to keeping him involved and up to date with all our news.

Recent concert a success

19th July 2010

The Christine Brown Trust held a concert on 3rd July at Wesley Chapel in Harrogate, where recitalist Gordon Fergus-Thompson delighted the audience with a wonderful programme: Schumann Kreisleriana, Brahms 3 Intermezzi op 117, Chopin Barcarolle and Scriabin Sonata No 3. Gordon had lessons with Christine Brown between the ages of 11 and 16 and spoke movingly at the concert about the influence she had on him. He always kept in touch with Christine over the years and she was delighted with his international success.

Trustee Andy Heron is at present making a start on the daunting task of logging Christine's music collection (or what remains of it, as some was sold at the concert). Once he has done this, the list will be put onto the website and the music will be available to purchase.

The instruments remain unsold at present and we are open to offers!

New website launched

20th June 2010

This new website has been launched to help make the Trust more accessible to people looking for funding. Applicants will be able to download an application form directly from the site as well as find out more information about the Trust.

Trustees will be directly contactable through the website for any queries, and there will be up to date information about any fundraising events or new developments in the Trust.

Christine Brown had a large collection of music and CD's in her estate and much of that music is now available to purchase through the store section of the site.

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